Twitter rolls out its trending TV show banners to everyone

For Twitter, it’s not enough to be a social network that serves as the pulse for what everyone is currently talking about the most. Now the company also wants to direct your eyeballs to a specific location at a specific time, such as your television screen during prime time viewing hours.

Pandora Chromecast

Pandora finally comes to Chromecast via Android & iPhone apps

The biggest setback to Google’s streaming media stick Chromecast is the sparse selection of available applications, which until now hasn’t included any third-party music services. (You could, however, access Google Play Music All Access as well as listen to playlists of music videos on YouTube.)


MTV just embraced the ‘binge watching’ business model

Usually the only time you’re ever able to watch an entire season (or more) of a TV show (aka binge watching) is if the episodes are old or it’s an original series from Netflix. However, today MTV seems to be breaking that trend by releasing one of its new reality series entirely online via MTV apps for mobile devices and streaming devices.