March Madness sparked 2M tweets (infographic)

As men everywhere lament the end of spring’s most electric sports competition, now is the time to reflect and make sense of March Madness — in terms of tweets, that is.

fly tweet

Twitter ads now unavoidable in iPhone, Android apps

The Twitter mobile experience is getting infinitely noisier today. The information network is in the process of pumping up the volume on the amount of mobile advertising content it shows to users.

Every 60 seconds in social media (infographic)

A single minute may be barely enough time to construct a rational thought, but it’s time enough for social media denizens to inundate the web with their status updates, tweets, checkins, and photos.

Twitter SOTU

State of the Union proves “Spilled Milk” is something to tweet about

When it comes to significant events that are shared across the country (and sometimes the world), Twitter is getting increasingly good at making sense of the real-time data collected from tweets. Take for example last night’s State of the Union address, which racked up 766,681 tweets during the full 95-minute event.

Microsoft’s Bing sees Twitter backlash for Japan quake campaign

Here’s a great example of how a seemingly noble social media donation campaign can go awry: Microsoft tweeted two hours ago on the Bing search engine’s Twitter account that it would donate up to $100,000 to help victims of Japan’s earthquake — but only if Twitter users retweeted its original post to broadcast it to their followers, at $1 per retweet.

Can we really trust the cloud?

Software architects like to shorthand the spaghetti of interconnected networks that make up the Internet as “the cloud” — an amorphous entity, somewhere distant, that you don’t need to fuss over.

Twitter: Make that almost San Francisco

Twitter, the popular messaging site, may be growing out of its startup phase with a possible headquarters move to Brisbane, California, according to brokerage sources in the San Francisco Business Times.