An unexpected dinner with Twisted Metal’s David Jaffe

It was 10 p.m. on a cold night in San Francisco, Calif., and David Jaffe was hungry. The creator of Twisted Metal for the PlayStation 3 hadn’t eaten since his arrival to the city earlier that day when he was busy preparing for the night’s festivities. Sony was hosting a Twisted Metal community meet-up and multiplayer tournament at the swanky Mezzanine lounge. Jaffe was there, along with a few other members of his team, to promote the game.


Twisted Metal is a budget experience at its best and a huge letdown the rest of the time (review)

Twisted Metal is the longest-running PlayStation-exclusive franchise, outdating Crash Bandicoot, Warhawk, Uncharted, and even Gran Turismo. Co-created by the notorious David Jaffe, also of God of War fame, the series has seen a number of releases across each Sony platform since first debuting in 1995. Twisted Metal for the PlayStation 3 is not only the franchise’s big comeback opportunity and first appearance on a current-generation console but also an all-important sophomore outing for the Salt Lake City, Utah-based studio.

David Jaffe

David Jaffe to leave Eat Sleep Play when Twisted Metal is complete

David Jaffe, the creator of games such as Twisted Metal, has confirmed earlier reports that he will be leaving Eat Sleep Play for a new gig. However, in a tweet, he says he is going to stay onboard until Twisted Metal has shipped and any post-launch bugs have been fixed, which he estimates could take anywhere from one-and-a-half to three months.

The twisted creativity (and potty mouth) of game designer David Jaffe

David Jaffe is one of the stars of the video game industry. Since the 1990s, he has shown his creativity over and over with games such as Twisted Metal, God of War, and the most recent title, Calling All Cars. VentureBeat caught up with him recently for an interview.