Twitter rolls out its trending TV show banners to everyone

For Twitter, it’s not enough to be a social network that serves as the pulse for what everyone is currently talking about the most. Now the company also wants to direct your eyeballs to a specific location at a specific time, such as your television screen during prime time viewing hours.

twitter ipo

Twitter beats Google for #2 on top 10 list of Internet IPOs

Twitter is now officially number two on the list of the top 10 internet initial public offerings of all time. While well behind Facebook, which raised over $16 billion, Twitter beat out Google, which raised only $1.7 billion in its IPO, and Yandex, the Russian search engine.

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Twitter finalizes IPO share price: $26

Twitter has finalized its share price for tomorrow’s initial public offering at $26. This will enable the company to raise close to $2 billion, significantly higher than the $1.4 billion to $1.7 billion that Twitter initially filed for, and this will give Twitter a stock market valuation of about $14 billion.