Did the Uber protest hurt business? Ratings tanked, but downloads of Uber and Lyft are up

Uber stepped into a front-page-headline public relations disaster this week, after one of its executives hinted at deploying opposition research to destroy the reputations of critical journalists. The scandal sparked an online protest to boycott Uber and switch to its mustachioed competitor, Lyft. VentureBeat’s editor-in-chief, Dylan Tweney, chimed in, Mashable ran an entire op-ed on boycotting the ride-sharing company, and New York Times columnist Justin Wolfers tweeted:


I'm a startup CEO, and I drive for Uber

An Austin, Texas-based startup CEO describes how moonlighting as an Uber driver is helping his startup’s bottom line.

Promotional image for Uber's UberRush courier service

Uber expands meal delivery pilot to Hong Kong

Uber, ever inching beyond ridesharing, today announced a temporary meal delivery service in Hong Kong. Launched in partnership with Hong Kong-based meal-in-a-box startup Secret Ingredient, Uber says the test will last just one day.

Travis Kalanick, cofounder and chief executive of Uber.

Travis Kalanick: I run Uber like I did when we were 5 people

Travis Kalanick has learnt the hard way how easily perceptions of your company can change when you stop being the little guy. But that hasn’t stopped him retaining elements of the startup mentality in his approach to running Uber.


The rise of Uber and the demise of taxis, in one chart

The taxi business has taken a massive hit thanks to the extraordinary rise in ride-sharing services. A new report from the San Francisco Metropolitan Transportation Agency finds that since 2012, the average number of trips per taxi has plunged from 1,424 a month in March 2012 to 504 in July 2014 — a 65 percent drop.


German court lifts nationwide Uber ban

Today the Frankfurt regional court in Germany reversed a temporary injunction against Uber, permitting the car service startup to once again operate its UberPop ridesharing service in the region.