Unity Technologies brings browser-based 3D graphics to Android devices

Desktop computers moved to 3D graphics a long time ago. But mobile technology is moving fast toward adopting a better 3D experience. One sign of that is the announcement today that Unity Technologies will now be able to support cool 3D graphics on Android mobile devices.

Unity Technologies to enable high-end games on web browsers

Slowly but surely, the web is becoming a more hospitable place to host high-end games with sophisticated 3D graphics. That’s one of the reasons Unity Technologies says that version 3.0 of its game development platform is its most important yet.

Smith & Tinker ditches toys, launches online-only game Nanovor Evolution

When the high-profile tech toy startup Smith & Tinker launched its Nanovor hybrid toy and online game last fall, it was a big bet with lots of money spent on TV ads aimed at young boys. With Nanovor, kids could battle each other on the web in Pokemon-style character combat or play in person using a $50 toy. But kids didn’t buy it.