Twitter getting ready for in-stream ads?

Ready for more ads in your Twitter feed? To boost revenue, Twitter is planning to get more aggressive about ads on its site, making promoted tweets more prominent in the main stream of updates, reports the Financial Times.

Microsoft fumbles Windows Phone 7 update

An update released on Monday for Windows Phone 7 devices has caused issues for many users, including trouble with its installation, and some phones have been left completely nonfunctional, or “bricked.”

Windows Phone 7 multitasking interface rips off WebOS?

Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 operating system will be getting multitasking later this year with an interface that looks like a direct copy of Palm’s (now HP’s) WebOS platform.

Seesmic lands $4M more for listening to social enterprise customers

Seesmic, a client for reading status updates across Twitter, Facebook and other services,  today announced it has secured a third round of funding of $4 million from popular customer relationship management service, and a Softbank Group company managed by Softbank Holdings Inc.

Facebook moves in on Twitter’s turf with new follow feature

Facebook confirmed yesterday that it has begun testing a new “subscribe” feature for users and pages. The feature lets users follow a user or page and receive notifications when a new update or piece of content, such as a picture or video, occurs.