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How design changes the way investors see your startup

A few weeks ago during a moment of self-reflection, I noticed a recurring theme throughout the top deals in our pipeline and became suddenly aware of my tendency to value startups with well-formed user experience and user interface (UX/UI) design elements over more technical elements.

Who owns your UX philosophy?

Designer? Check. CTO? Check. Engineering VP? Check. So whose job is it to make sure the experience flow is smooth, magical, and consistent?


Screw design and get data, says Ben Huh of I Can Has Cheezburger

Who cares about good design or bad design, Ben Huh of the wildly successful Cheezburger network of comedy sites said today at GROW 2012. According to Huh, you don’t need great design to have a successful design. “We have one of the worst-looking sites on the planet,” Huh admitted.

A guide to user experience job salaries, skills and hot hiring locations

User experience (UX) is a rapidly growing profession that’s attracting high caliber talent from all areas of design, development and marketing. Over the past 16 months, creative recruiting company Onward Search collected data on job listings and noticed a 338 percent increase in postings for user experience professionals. Onward Search commissioned my company, NowSourcing, to take that data and create this graphic.

Twitter’s new iPad app — smooth as butter

Much awaited by many, Twitter released its official iPad app some hours ago. And it’s something of a gem — if you think you know what Twitter apps on touch screen devices feel like, you’re going to be in for of a treat. You can downloaded the app from Apple’s app store today for free.

iPhone alerts may finally evolve as webOS notification guru returns to Apple

One of the most glaring omissions from Apple’s upcoming iOS 4 mobile operating system is an improved notification system. While the iPhone will finally be getting multitasking, along with a wealth of other features, it’s still encumbered with an annoying pop-up notification system that never fails to disrupt your work flow.