RoboCoin CEO Jordan Kelley with the world's first Bitcoin ATM

This is the world’s first Bitcoin ATM

Want a coffee? Now you can pay in Bitcoin.
The world’s first Bitcoin ATM is opening up for business this morning at a coffee shop in Vancouver, Canada. You can now buy, sell, and trade Bitcoin at a real, physical machine, depositing cash and checks for Bitcoin.


GrowLab Demo Day 2012: the participants

I’m at local accelerator GrowLab’s demo day today, where the Spring 2012 cohort of 11 startups will be presenting the fruits of their last four months of work in the GrowLab incubator.

Social news-reader Summify raises funds to solve information overload

Have you ever opened your RSS reader and felt like you’re gazing into the abyss at the gazillion unread items? Have you felt the guilty satisfaction of using the “Mark all as read” option? If so, Summify, a startup based in Vancouver, Canada, might be the answer to your prayers.