Venture capital funds raised $4.1B in Q3 (report)

The National Venture Capital Association (NVCA) came out with its quarterly report today, which found that by number of funds, the third quarter ranks as the strongest quarter for venture capital fundraising in the past twelve months.

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So you want to be a venture capitalist?

With very few job openings a year, landing that dream job in venture can be harder than you think. Here’s some tips to optimize your chances.


Is entrepreneurship really alive and well in Silicon Valley?

We’re moving away from the heart of technology innovation — the infrastructure, the machines, the seminal ideas we can touch and feel — to quick fixes that are not setting the stage for the next new thing.


Funding Daily: Puppies!

Only one of the eleven funding stories from today had anything at all to do with dogs, but that hook is enough for me. Here is your day’s roundup of funding news.

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A global perspective is now a requirement for Internet businesses

A decade ago, the U.S. market represented the key to consumer Internet dominance. Now, leading consumer technology companies such as Google, eBay, and Apple have something new in common: the U.S. accounts for just a minority of their revenue.