Funding Daily: PRISM

So the government is secretly mining our data from major tech companies. If that hasn’t scared you away from the Internet, here is today’s funding roundup.

Funding Daily: Sun, moon, and stars

It’s not often that child television stars go onto launch startups, but today the hottest funding story involved Soleil Moon Frye’s (formerly known as Punky Brewster) new mobile startup

Funding Daily: Brain booster

Funding Daily will test the limits of your brain power today, so unless you have a deep understanding of ‘flow processing,’ make sure you bolster up with cognitive function enhancing foods.

7 reasons for entrepreneurs to avoid tranched investments

The current thinking around tranches by most investors is that they are a good tool to motivate founders, however, tranches are more damaging to the long term success of a company than investors typically consider,

5 things you need to know about venture capital in Brazil

Brazil is in a state of fragile growth. Only a select group of strong businesses will emerge from the current ecosystem, capitalize on tech & demographic trends, and achieve profitable exits.