7 reasons for entrepreneurs to avoid tranched investments

The current thinking around tranches by most investors is that they are a good tool to motivate founders, however, tranches are more damaging to the long term success of a company than investors typically consider,

5 things you need to know about venture capital in Brazil

Brazil is in a state of fragile growth. Only a select group of strong businesses will emerge from the current ecosystem, capitalize on tech & demographic trends, and achieve profitable exits.

Gov. Hickenlooper: Why Colorado is the new Silicon Valley (Q&A)

At the VCIR conference to showcase the mountain region’s startups, Colarado’s governor spoke about his state’s commitment to tech. In a private meeting with the press, he stressed his mission to turn Colorado into the most pro-business state without jeopardizing its natural beauty.

Why I love Silicon Valley

I believe we’re on the threshold of far greater growth — growth that will impact more people, in more age groups, and across more industries than ever before.