Would a VC back your startup

Is your startup VC-backable?

Looking for VC funding? Here’s how to figure out if your company stands a chance.

Funding Daily: No reservations

Investments on the funding map all had a distinctive local flavor today. VC firms invested in regional companies and they money didn’t travel too far from home.

Funding Daily: Shout it from the mountaintops

It all started from the concept of a slippery slope. Combine the snowball effect online shopping can have on susceptible consumers (present company included), a company founded in the Swiss Alps, and an iPad app vaguely reminiscent of snow, and my Funding Daily horizon was filled with mountainous peaks. Let’s see which companies set off on the trails of venture capital.

Funding Daily: Soup’s on!

The water is coming to a slow boil this Monday, as investors add their money into startup pots and hope that the end result will be something delicious, and more importantly, lucrative. Let’s see what’s cooking today.

Funding Daily: Calm winds and quiet seas

Over the past couple days, funding news has been coming in at a leisurely pace, a summertime pace, if you will. Just a handful of companies made investment announcements, so I have taken the liberty of wrapping them all up in one nice, little package. I hope you are reading it on a lounge chair at a beach with a cocktail in hand. It is August, after all: Don’t people usually go on vacations around this time? Venture capitalists certainly seem to.