Andreessen-Horowitz raises $1.5B for third fund in three years

Since it was founded in June of 2009 Andreessen-Horowitz has emerged as the hottest new name in venture funding. Part of the firm’s cache comes from its aggressive approach. Today’s announcement that Andreessen-Horowtiz has raised another $1.5 billion, which everyone knew was coming, will only increase that. Overall, this means Andreessen-Horowitz has $2.7 billion under management.

BaroFold pulls in $12M for protein-refolding technology

BaroFold, a Boulder, Colo., biotech raised $12 million in a first round of funding. The company is developing PreEMT, a technology that uses high levels of fluid pressure to “unclump” biotech-drug proteins that have stuck together and to force proteins that have folded up incorrectly to unfold and refold into a proper configuration. The technology may be useful in boosting production yields of recombinant, or genetically engineered, proteins, which form the basis of many biotech drugs.