Marc Andreessen and Ben Horowitz decided not to invest in Instagram, costing their fund an estimated $100M

Andreessen-Horowitz raises $1.5B for third fund in three years

Since it was founded in June of 2009 Andreessen-Horowitz has emerged as the hottest new name in venture funding. Part of the firm’s cache comes from its aggressive approach. Today’s announcement that Andreessen-Horowtiz has raised another $1.5 billion, which everyone knew was coming, will only increase that. Overall, this means Andreessen-Horowitz has $2.7 billion under management.

Active Implants, pliable hip-device maker, raises $6.7M tranche

Active Implants, a Memphis, Tenn., maker of hip, knee and spine implants, has raised $6.7 million of an expected $21 million second round of funding, VentureWire reports (subscription required). The company’s investors are mostly small local firms and Discure, an Israeli company from which Active Implants has licensed technology.

BaroFold pulls in $12M for protein-refolding technology

BaroFold, a Boulder, Colo., biotech raised $12 million in a first round of funding. The company is developing PreEMT, a technology that uses high levels of fluid pressure to “unclump” biotech-drug proteins that have stuck together and to force proteins that have folded up incorrectly to unfold and refold into a proper configuration. The technology may be useful in boosting production yields of recombinant, or genetically engineered, proteins, which form the basis of many biotech drugs.