Square’s Keith Rabois: Websites are dead, reinvent for mobile

Keith Rabois, a startup veteran who’s now chief operating officer at Square, didn’t mince words today when he talked about the potential of mobile startups. He said “the website as you know it” is “dead, dying, will be dying,” and that the future lies in reinventing Web experiences on the mobile phone.

Twitter: Yes, Jack Dorsey is leading product “full-time”

One of the more confusing pieces of tech news in the past few months was the announcement that Twitter creator Jack Dorsey (pictured) was returning to the company to lead its product team. That seems a bit overwhelming, since Dorsey is still chief executive of his new mobile payments company Square, but Twitter vice president of engineering Michael Abbott emphasized today that from his perspective, Dorsey is “full-time on the product side.”

More rockstars at VB Summit: Twitter’s Michael Abbott, Verizon’s Nicola Palmer

Michael Abbott, VP of Engineering at Twitter, will be joining us for an opening fireside chat on Monday. Michael helps lead Twitter’s mobile efforts, working closely with co-founder Jack Dorsey. As such, he can speak to mobile product development. Yes, he was referenced in that recent article by Fortune about the leadership shuffles and strategy discussions happening at Twitter…