Survey: Yes, the Verizon iPhone drops far fewer calls than AT&T’s

Even before the Verizon iPhone launched, pretty much everyone expected it to drop calls less than the iPhone on AT&T, which has become notorious for its network flakiness. Now a survey by ChangeWave Research shows us just how much better Verizon’s iPhone is at sustaining a simple phone call.

iOS 4.3 improves media sharing — but not on the Verizon iPhone?

Apple just announced a number of new features for iOS, its mobile operating system on the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch. The company says iOS 4.3 will be available on March 11 — but strangely, it looks like the update won’t include the Verizon iPhone.

Verizon iPhone sales slower than expected

We’re still awaiting official numbers on Verizon iPhone sales, but according to leaked sales data they didn’t meet expectations, the mobile news site Boy Genius Report reveals.

Verizon iPhone launch is no AT&T iPhone launch

The much-hyped Verizon iPhone is finally available for purchase today, and if you haven’t preordered or picked one up yet, there’s still a very good chance you’ll be able to snag one.

Verizon halts iPhone pre-orders due to huge demand

Well that didn’t last long. Verizon started taking pre-orders for its upcoming iPhone today and, due to overwhelming demand, had to stop taking pre-orders for the phone by early evening.

Verizon’s first iPhone ad plays up suspense factor (video)

Verizon’s first iPhone commercial surprisingly doesn’t feature an iPhone at all. Instead, it’s all build up — and after years of waiting for the iPhone to leave the shackles of AT&T’s network, it’s deserved.

It could be 2012 before 4G LTE Verizon iPhone arrives

Verizon Wireless and Apple finally launched their iPhone for the Verizon network today, but a lot of folks were disappointed to hear it was a code division multiple access (CDMA) phone and not a Long-Term Evolution (LTE) phone, which has faster data speeds.

iPhone users pay the least for monthly wireless service

While iPhone users seem to spend a lot more money in general, they still have the last laugh when it comes to wireless bills — on average, Windows Mobile users pay the most for their wireless services and iPhone users pay the least, according to a recent study by Pageonce.

Verizon holds onto unlimited data, releases bite-size plan for casuals

The fear mongering about the death of unlimited data plans can finally come to a close — Verizon today announced that it is going to keep its unlimited data plan option at $30 per month, but is introducing a smaller capped plan for $15 a month.

WSJ: Verizon iPhone will arrive early 2011, new iPhone in the works

Every now and then, as users get more frustrated with AT&T’s iPhone services, rumors circulate that there’s a Verizon iPhone in the works. The latest such rumor came from the Wall Street Journal today, which reported that manufacturing of a Verizon iPhone will begin later this year, according to several officials briefed by Apple.