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5 years later, Viacom still suing YouTube out of “principle”

A five year-old legal battle between Viacom and Google-owned YouTube over copyrighted content continues to clog up the U.S. court system because Viacom, parent company of Paramount Pictures and MTV, believes there’s an important principle at stake, president and CEO Philippe Dauman said Tuesday.


Shodogg will let you pause and restart video from any device (exclusive)

There’s a series of DirecTV commercials where a TV viewer is immersed in an action scene but easily pauses and begins the scene where he left off in a different room. While that idea is easy to grasp, it’s not fully realized because our homes have more screens than just TVs. The viewer can’t begin watching again, on say, his smartphone.


Why Facebook, Yahoo & others are celebrating LGBT Spirit Day

GLAAD (that’s the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) is promoting Spirit Day this Thursday, Oct. 20, and encouraging folks to wear purple and display that color on their online profiles. In response, Facebook and other companies are “going purple” for the day.