Google+ represents a big chance for diversification in games

Google+ games, announced by Google today on its Google+ social network, represent a big chance for social games companies to diversify and reduce their dependence on Facebook. That’s why Google already has an impressive list of game companies, including Zynga, PopCap and Rovio, on its brand new game platform.


Facebook’s Zuckerberg attracts the most followers on Google+

In a game of social networking chicken with Google, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is not blinking. Zuckerberg currently has the most followers on Google’s new social network, Google+, beating out Google CEO Larry Page and Senior VP Vic Gundotra, according to

Google+ project

Google goes social with Google+ — Will Facebook flinch?

After months of waiting, Google finally unveiled on Tuesday its new social project, Google+. It’s an ambitious gambit that aims to turn all of Google’s services into one giant social platform, and in the process steal some thunder from Facebook while making Google – for once – a big player in social networking.