Mobile ad tech to 2017: App-centric, private markets, native ads, and closed loops

2014 has been an exciting year for mobile advertising. As more and more brands and agencies are starting to figure out mobile, standards are being created, benchmarks formed and best practices refined. However, the best is still ahead for mobile and the next two to three years will shape the future of the medium that will eventually rule them all.

Five ways retargeted pre-roll video ads can benefit us

Earlier this week, Mo Al Adham, CEO of Telly, wrote that the death of pre-roll video ads is looming. I disagree: Pre-roll ads have the ability to positively impact customer-centric brands and drive customer engagement and acquisition strategies.

Facebook Bootcamp

Why Facebook’s video ads are destined to fail

Until Facebook is able to figure out a way to make its video advertising entertaining enough to keep its users from browsing different websites, its video strategy is misguided at best.

Funding Daily: Get graded on your big data intelligence

At VentureBeat, we come across a lot of funding news every day. In order to bring you the most information possible, we’re rounding up the quick-and-dirty details about the funding deals of the day and serving them up here in our “Funding daily” column.

Intergi launches Playwire to help anyone make money from video ads

Video game ad network Intergi Entertainment is launching its Playwire video publishing platform today to make it easy for any web site to make money from online video advertising. The Playwire video platform makes it easy to stream online videos, share them, and then make money from video ads.