Airtime calls for a new marketing approach: Get ready for the social discovery era

Airtime must be in a gang because it continues to receive a beat down ever since it launched. While some of the criticism was warranted, there was a large point missed by the masses: Social Discovery Platforms — such as Airtime, Pinterest, The Fancy, Youtube and others — represent a huge opportunity for marketers looking to drive ROI in the social space.

Avoiding the Microsoft Borg, Skype nears 250M users

Microsoft still doesn’t have much to show for its $8.5 billion Skype acquisition — except for a lackluster Windows Phone app — but Tony Bates, the former Skype CEO and now president of Microsoft’s Skype division, has at least managed to keep his ship independent of the software giant.

5 ways to keep in touch while traveling for business

It’s said that with all of our technological advancements, the world is getting smaller and smaller, but it sure doesn’t feel like that when you have to travel for business frequently…