What not to do in an online meeting

More and more technology is driving business. Whether it’s the bring-your-own-device movement, cloud computing, or video conferencing, business is adapting and advancing as quickly as it can…

5 tips for setting up an effective video conferencing policy

Don’t be afraid of embracing video. You may already have a video conferencing system in the office. You know you should probably get around to actually, you know, using it but much like the exercise equipment you received for Christmas, it is still in the box…

7 steps for an effective video-conferencing policy

Much like public speaking, the very idea of video conferencing can fill us with anxiety. Any number of things can go unexpectedly awry, leaving attendees dreading what should be a quick and easy experience.

How to look your best in video chats

One of the great advantages of telecommuting is that you don’t having to worry about dressing for success. You can attend meetings in pajamas, sport some Don Johnson stubble or the latest ironic mustache, and type while reclined on a sofa with a cat warming your feet…

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Video calling could be Facebook’s next freemium bombshell

Social networking site Facebook launched a new service on Wednesday within the site that lets users start video conferences with each other using Skype’s video chat technology. The chief executives of both companies said the service was free, but teased reporters with suggestions that they might introduce premium features in the future.

Blue Jeans

Blue Jeans launches "any(ware) video conferencing"

Blue Jeans Network came out of stealth mode Wednesday, making the cloud-based, multi-party video conferencing service commercially available. Dubbed “any(ware) video conferencing,” Blue Jeans Network makes video conferencing accessible to pretty much everyone with practically any video-enabled device.

Vidyo launches low-cost HD video chat for up to 20 people at once

Vidyo is seeking to disrupt the market for “telepresence” systems that sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars. It will do so with the launch of Vidyo Panorama, a video conferencing system that delivers high-speed, high-definition video calls for nine people now and up to 20 people at a time in the future.

Nyoombl pivots from video chat to broadcasting

Nyoombl, which launched at the Spring 2010 DEMO conference, is making a pivot. Founded by Oladayo Olagunju to be the first company to offer a dead-simple solution for video conferencing on your television, the company is now moving to become a broadcasting service that will allow users to bring their conversations to the rest of the web.

Is Skype about to release video-calling for mobile devices?

Skype, a provider of voice and video calling services over the Internet, might be poised to release video calling for mobile devices equipped with a front-facing camera and running Skype at the Consumer Electronics Show next year, according to a number of reports.

Who is Cisco fooling? Launches Umi living room webcam for $600

Would you pay $600 (and an extra $25 a month) to have a video conferencing option for your living room television? Cisco, traditionally a supplier of enterprise video conferencing and networking hardware, is hoping you’ll say yes and pick up its newest toy.

TokBox raises $12M to jam Skype into your web browser

TokBox, a provider of streaming video conferencing over the web, announced today that it has raised $12 million in a third round of funding and is launching a new set of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to embed video conferencing in any web site.