Wikia, Jimmy Wales’ for-profit company, passes IGN to become the largest network of gaming sites on the web

What happens when you combine the Wiki model of open, collaborative editing with just a pinch of old-school oversight? In the case of Wikia, Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales for-profit company, you get the largest network of gaming sites in the world, with 26 million monthly unique views on the Wikia video games hub last month, moving ahead of IGN and Gamespot for the first time ever. These numbers come from Comscore data which compares the network of gaming sites run by Wikia and IGN.

Game trade group celebrates a big year for video games

It’s been a good year for video games, from a favorable U.S. Supreme Court ruling on video game violence, to new recognition as an art form. This according to Michael Gallagher, president and chief executive of the Entertainment Software Association, the game industry trade group.

Left 4 Dead short film rivals Hollywood production values (video)

As the gaming culture matures, a handful of impressive fan films paying homage to popular titles have continued to emerge. First, the “Escape from City 17″ Half-Life shorts from two years ago set a new standard with their Hollywood-lite production values, then earlier this year Modern Warfare and Portal received similar treatments. Now another Valve-published game, Left 4 Dead, has been reimagined in this live-action eight-minute film.

Venture capitalist Jay Hoag joins EA’s board

Venture capitalist Jay Hoag has joined the board of directors at Electronic Arts. The appointment shows that EA sees a real value in keeping close ties to the venture capital community, particularly at a time when the game business is going through a big disruption with the arrival of digital gaming.