Sir Richard Branson

Why Silicon Valley needs to follow Richard Branson's lead

What Branson has figured out — and other CEOs should acknowledge — is that if your company is growing, your culture is working. If your company is stagnating, tweak the culture.

flights to DC

Bay Area companies get another nonstop flight to Capitol Hill

San Francisco is going from zero non-stop flights to Washington National Airport to two non-stops this summer. Virgin America announced today that it will start its service to the airport just a few miles from Capitol Hill on August 14.  United started service on the route two weeks ago. Flights from San Francisco to Washington National had been illegal for more than 40 years. Virgin America got a much coveted exemption to the airport’s perimeter rule.

DCA Airport

What Silicon Valley can learn from a failure in public policy

Across the Potomac River from Washington, D.C., sits Washington National Airport (DCA). It’s one of my favorite airports. Two of the three terminals are bright and airy. It’s not as congested as other airports on the East Coast. Security lines aren’t usually an issue. It’s connected to D.C.’s Metro system more efficiently than BART is connected to San Francisco International Airport. If you don’t want to take Metro, downtown D.C. is a cheap taxi ride away.