Can you see me now? 4 reasons why video calling is ready to take off

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Nabto nabs $1 million in funding for tiny web servers

Nabto makes web technology for devices like medical appliances (see Medotech’s Grindcare) and building automation devices. The Danish startup just closed a new funding round combining funds from previous investor Østjysk Innovation, the Danish government-backed fund Vækstfonden and some private investors. The new financing will mainly be used to boost Nabto’s sales and marketing.

Nimbuzz clocks up 3.65 billion mobile VOIP minutes in a year

Voice over Internet protocol, or VOIP, just keeps getting bigger. The Nimbuzz mobile application integrates voice, chat and messaging from multiple providers like Skype, Microsoft and Google. The company just announced that it surpassed 3.65 billion mobile voice minutes in the last year. About half of these minutes were paid calls via Nimbuzz Out whereas the the rest were free calls between Nimbuzz users. Nimbuzz is consistently in the top 5 downloads on Getjar, an app store which serves multiple mobile platforms, and Nokia’s Ovi store.

Skype files for IPO

The internet calling service Skype is finally gearing up for an Initial Public Offering. In a registration statement with the SEC, the company (whose CEO, Josh Silverman, is pictured to the right) announced that it intends to raise a maximum of $100 million through the offering, and that it will list the stock on the Nasdaq. The filing leaves some details ambiguous, so the actual IPO amount may end up being much more, or less, than $100 million.

Apple's iPhone 4 will usher in a wave of mobile video conferencing

Now that Gizmodo has outed Apple’s next generation iPhone, we finally have some idea of what Apple is planning with its next release — and it’s more than just a simple speed bump like the iPhone 3G. In addition to a slew of design changes and other upgrades, the next iPhone apparently features a front-facing camera, which is integral for mobile video conferencing.

Verizon and Skype partner for 3G-enabled Skype mobile

Not too long after Apple dropped its VoIP restrictions on the iPhone, we reported that Skype was eagerly working on a 3G-enabled version of its iPhone application. Now we’ve learned that Verizon and Skype have teamed up for a 3G-enabled version of Skype mobile on several of its smartphones as well.

Apple drops VoIP-over-3G restrictions on the iPhone

While the Apple iPad is dominating tech news left and right, there was another bit of news from the company yesterday that should be noted: Apple has removed restrictions that previously prevented VoIP iPhone applications from working over 3G. This unleashes a world of opportunity for VoIP applications, which have only worked over Wi-Fi thus far.