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Twitter finalizes IPO share price: $26

Twitter has finalized its share price for tomorrow’s initial public offering at $26. This will enable the company to raise close to $2 billion, significantly higher than the $1.4 billion to $1.7 billion that Twitter initially filed for, and this will give Twitter a stock market valuation of about $14 billion.

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Apple stock below $400 as analysts lose faith

Apple stock dropped below $400 again as an analyst lowered his forecast for the company. Wall Street, apparently, is losing faith that Apple can return to its brief glory days of 2012 as the mobile-fueled technology highflier it was.

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Apple’s Q2 2013 in 30 seconds or less

Apple reported its second quarter 2013 results today, with revenue of $43.6 billion and income of $10.09 per share. Analysts had expected revenue of $42.5 billion and income of $10 billion. Apple’s guidance had been between $41 and $43 billion.


Amazon reports Q3 earnings, misses Wall Street estimates big-time

Amazon today released its 3rd Quarter earnings, turning in a per-share performance of just 14 cents, missing Wall Street expectations of 25 cents per share by a wide margin. The ecommerce giant saw revenue decrease by 73 percent, to just $63 million, which is likely to further punish the stock price.

Could Facebook make its own rebuttal to ‘The Social Network’?

It’s no secret that Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg is not a fan of the idea that a major Hollywood film may go on to define his life on celluloid. But “The Social Network”, which comes out next month in film festivals and nationwide October 1, is exactly that — a Hollywoodised version of the Facebook founding story, complete with Zuckerberg at its helm as the hacker-traitor antihero.