Netflix now accounts for 25% of North American Internet traffic

If for some reason you need further convincing that Netflix is taking over our lives, you only need to look at Sandvine’s latest report, which shows that the video streaming company is now the biggest source of North American web traffic, accounting for 24.71 percent of aggregate traffic.

Miramax brings its movies to Netflix streaming in June

Tarantino fans rejoice! Netflix announced today that it has inked a multi-year deal with Miramax —  the studio behind films like Kill Bill, The English Patient and Pulp Fiction — to stream its movie library starting in June.

Amazon takes on Netflix with Prime instant videos

Now we have yet another way to view streaming movies online. Amazon today launched its streaming video service for Prime members, which will offer subscribers access to 5,000 movies and TV shows and will serve as Amazon’s first move to counter Netflix’s streaming video dominance.

New Apple TV may finally offer Netflix streaming video access

As if we needed any more rumors surrounding Apple’s media event on Wednesday (we covered the major rumors in an earlier post), we’re now hearing that the company may finally bring Netflix’s Watch Instantly streaming video service to its revamped Apple TV, three unnamed sources tell Businessweek.

HBO to make a Go of own streaming service without Netflix

Netflix has had a good string of content licensing deals recently for its streaming video service — first with Relativity Media and then with fledgling premium network Epix — but HBO’s co-president Eric Kessler says HBO is unlikely that the network would make a deal with Netflix, Bloomberg reports.

Netflix signs rental delay deals with Universal and Twentieth Century Fox, gets more streaming titles

Netflix announced new deals today with Twentieth Century Fox and Universal that would entail a 28 day delay window for new DVD and Blu-ray titles, in exchange for greater access to films and television for Netflix’s streaming video service. Netflix signed a similar deal with Warner Brothers in January (which didn’t explicitly include more streaming titles).