Water Recycling shower wins $684,000 in the Green Challenge

“The average teenage girl (according to a UK-based survey) spends 16 minutes in the shower. 16  percent of them spend more than 30 minutes.” says Nick Christy. Christy’s company Water Recycling Shower just won the Dutch Postcode Lottery Green Challenge and can potentially save cash-strapped parents, and the rest of us, 70 percent on the cost of heating their shower. The prize of $684,000 will be used to refine the product and get it to market more quickly.

LG releases first water treatment solution

Consumer electronics giant LG just unveiled its first wastewater treatment solution, the Green Membrane Bioreactor (G-MBR) process, a mere two months after the company announced plans to enter the water treatment business.

From cell phones to water filters; LG shifts gear

LG electronics may be one of the world’s biggest manufacturers of TVs and phones but it looks like the company is not content to rely on its traditional electronics base. LG just announced its intention to enter the water-treatment business and to generate $7 billion in revenue from this area by 2020.

Water gets smart: 31 million digital meters expected by 2016

With so much buzz surrounding the development of a cleaner and more efficient electrical grid, only a few analysts have questioned the need for similar smart infrastructure for water. But several companies, including IBM, are already leading a wave of innovation aimed at improving measurement and management tools for water.

TaKaDu has VCs buzzing about smart water monitoring

More than four and a half billion gallons of water are lost in transit every day in the United States, according to the U.S. Geological Survey — and 25 to 35 percent of water is lost every year worldwide, according to the World Bank.