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How IBM's Watson could be good for your health

Technology giant IBM has been talking about the value of its Watson software, which processes great quantities of text and then provides answers to people’s questions on the fly, for many industries, including media, mining, retail, and security. But its most visible, useful application for millions of people could lie in health care.

IBM researcher talks up Watson’s potential

Now that IBM’s Watson computer has defeated human champions at Jeopardy, the company has even bigger plans for its future, according to David Ferrucci, who leads the Watson research team.

IBM’s Watson moves to health care after conquering Jeopardy

There’s no rest for the weary cyberbrain. IBM’s Watson supercomputer, which soundly trounced its human competitors after a three-night Jeopardy competition, will be bringing its talents to the health care industry, thanks to a new research partnership announced today with Nuance Communications.

IBM’s Watson AI takes on Jeopardy’s best contestants

Today, for the first time ever, IBM demonstrated its Watson artificial intelligence supercomputer at a press conference at IBM Research’s Worldwide Headquarters in Yorktown Heights, New York.