What your web browser says about how you shop online

In the tech community, everyone has pet stereotypes about different browser users. “Chrome users are nerds.” “IE users are old.” There’s no shortage of theories. What’s lacking is hard data about what these different browser users actually do online: how much they spend, how much more time they spend on site, how many more pages they view.


Google adding Skype-like abilities to Chrome

Google plans to add real-time communications abilities into the Chrome browser, according to an announcement on Google’s Chromium-dev group. Using its own WebRTC project at its base, the company will attempt to enable real-time communications through Chrome and then, potentially, other browsers like Firefox and Opera.

Google launches Chrome 12, pays out $10K to bug finders

Google on Tuesday launched a stable release of its Chrome 12 browser, including a tool to prevent downloading suspicious files. The company additionally noted that it had paid nearly $10,000 to people who found bugs and exploits in Chrome 12’s code.

Angry Birds flutters over to Chrome

Google is bringing Rovio’s Angry Birds, a popular game on mobile devices where players fling birds at structures to try to destroy pigs, to its Chrome web browser to showcase how fast the browser has grown over time. The search giant made the announcement today at its Google I/O conference in San Francisco.

Firefox 5 gets social sharing, taskbar apps, Chrome-like features

Mozilla’s Firefox 4 browser is only a few weeks old, but we’re already beginning to catch wind of what the company’s planning for its next release. Firefox 5 will sport integrated social sharing, taskbar web apps, identity management, and a slew of features already found in Google’s Chrome browser, according to Mozilla’s Firefox User Experience priorities page.

Social browser RockMelt makes its first big upgrade

RockMelt, the Web browser that launched last fall with backing from Andreessen Horowitz, is releasing some improvements today that co-founder and chief executive Eric Vishria told me will tackle the two biggest requests from users.

SkyFire web browser brings Flash video and social features to iPad

After finding success on the iPhone with its Flash video-capable mobile browser, SkyFire is now gearing up to launch a version of its mobile browser for the iPad. In addition to Flash video, SkyFire’s iPad app also comes with social features for Twitter, Facebook and Google Reader.

Firefox browser update brings multitouch to Windows 7

Mozilla released the third beta of its Firefox 4 Web browser today, introducing multitouch input support for Windows 7, in addition to a number of speed improvements. The beta can be downloaded and tested in more than 30 languages and on all platforms, including Linux and Mac OS X.