PlayLater: Finally, a DVR for Web video

MediaMall, the company behind the popular PlayOn video streaming service, is today launching a new service, PlayLater, that lets you download streaming video from any website to view later. Yes, it’s effectively a DVR for online video.

Google on Web video formats: Industry at an impasse

Google has been trying to quell some of the controversy that it stirred up earlier this week when it announced that it would limit support for the H.264 video codec in its Chrome browser. Today the search giant published a blog post laying out a longer explanation for the decision.

Analysts: YouTube will finally reach the promised land of profitability

YouTube remains one of the big question marks in Google’s finances. Every time the Google-owned video supersite comes up, executives make vague statements about how it’s not profitable yet, but could be soon. But it looks like that could change in 2010. Analysts predict YouTube will earn $450 million and finally turn a profit this year, according to The New York Times.