Breakthrough receives funding, but are we ready for online shrinks?

In 2009, a startup known as Breakthrough announced it would make it cheap and easy for people to receive confidential counseling on the web. Three years later, with the upholding of healthcare reform, the startup has finally convinced angel investors to make a $900,000 bet that the shrink’s couch will go online.

Control your music like a ninja with Flutter

You’re jamming out to your favorite track on Spotify, and then all of a sudden a song that makes your want to scream starts playing. Instead of running over to your computer and frantically pressing keys and clicking at your screen to make the madness end, Flutter lets you wave at your webcam to change the track.


Show customers real-time photos of your business with Prism

Prism Skylabs, an online image-streaming service that lets businesses post current photos to social networking and media sites like Twitter, Facebook and Yelp, announced today it has raised more than $1 million in funding from investors like Zynga investor Yuri Milner and Eric Schmidt.

Logitech brings HD video chat to the masses with new webcams and Vid HD software

Webcams that support high-definition video chat have been around for some time now, but they’ve generally been too expensive, or too difficult to use, for most consumers. Logitech aims to change all of that with the introduction of its latest generation of high-definition webcams (which range from $39.99 to $99.99), and its new easy-to-use Vid HD software.

Skype to make group video chat the next killer webcam feature

Starting next week, Skype will begin beta testing a new group video chat feature on Windows PCs, according to the Associated Press. The feature will let up to five people join in on a video chat simultaneously, which is a big leap from Skype’s current limit of two users to a video chat.