You’ve Got Mail! How Facebook can avoid becoming the new AOL

What’s the difference between Facebook and the AOL of old? On Monday, Facebook is expected to announce that they are adding true email functionality, and users will be able to send emails to addresses, as well as use software clients like Outlook and Thunderbird to read and send emails. With the introduction of email, Facebook has now completely replicated the features of AOL’s 1990s-era desktop client. Both offer messaging, profiles, profile names, chat, pictures, groups, games, and news, and thrived on the simple promise of connecting you with your friends.

Facebook to launch “Gmail killer” webmail on Monday

Facebook is following in the footsteps of rival social network MySpace and gearing up to unveil its long-rumored webmail product — referred to internally as a “Gmail killer” — on Monday.

Apple upgrades MobileMe Mail, launches “Find My iPhone” app

Apple today made several announcements regarding MobileMe, its collection of online services that include webmail, cloud storage, and other features. Unfortunately, Apple didn’t make the $99-a-year MobileMe free, despite the many good reasons it should have. Instead, it unveiled upgrades to MobileMe Mail, as well as an iPhone app for the “Find My iPhone” service.