Spotify’s new Play button brings millions of tracks beyond Facebook to the open web

Spotify continues to push the boundaries of streaming music. This morning it released the “Play” button, a widget that lets people embed songs from Spotify on any website. You need at least a free Spotify account to listen, which will no doubt help to grow the company’s user base. It also means there is now a simple, legal way to bring millions of music tracks to any site.

Netvibes and Orange team up to bring world’s largest widget collection to 130M mobile users

Netvibes — one of the leading personalized home page providers — is partnering with Orange — the world’s fifth largest telecom operator — to deliver widgets to 130 million mobile users. The partnership will bring Netvibe’s catalog of some 200,000 widgets to Orange’s mobile users throughout Europe, Africa, and the Middle East across a wide variety of handsets.