Nokia Lumia 800

Nokia’s Lumia 800 Windows Phone matters more than you think

While it may not seem like it at first, Nokia’s Lumia 800 is one of the most significant smartphones on the horizon. It may lack the absurdly high-end specs of current Android superphones, and it doesn’t have the hype of Apple’s iPhone, but for Nokia and Microsoft, the Lumia 800 represents the viability of their joint mobile future.

Halo Waypoint, ATLAS coming to mobile devices on Dec. 10

Right on the heels of the My Xbox LIVE release, Microsoft is bringing two Halo apps to smartphones. The first, Halo Waypoint, will function much like its console counterpart, relaying stats, awards, news, and other Halo-related content. It will be free on all the smartphone markets on December 10th, but for $4.99, a separate premium app called ATLAS can deliver an impressive slew of features the free Waypoint app won’t be offering.


Windows Phone 7 to blossom in 2012 with cheaper hardware, LTE and NFC

2012 could be a quite a year for Windows Phone 7. Several new developments with Microsoft’s upstart mobile platform were revealed yesterday at the AsiaD conference that could help it become a much bigger player, including less expensive hardware options and the addition of LTE and NFC capabilities.

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Windows Phone Marketplace hits 30,000 apps

Though it still has nothing on the Apple or Google mobile app stores, Microsoft’s Windows Phone Marketplace now has more than 30,000 applications available for the Windows Phone 7 platform, according to Windows Phone App List.