The top trends of the Consumer Electronics Show (poll)

The good thing about braving the crowds at the Consumer Electronics Show is that you get to see a lot of the future’s gadgets. And if you see the same thing over and over again, that’s a trend. Last year, every TV maker embraced 3D and web connectivity. That trend continued this year with more than half of all new TV models including those features. This year, we’ve sniffed out similar trends that could play out throughout 2011 as companies execute on their grand ambitions:

SiBeam leads charge on next-generation wireless home networking

The next-generation wireless networking market is still a battleground, but SiBeam thinks that its version of the technology has an edge. The company is announcing today that it has a new wave of support around its 60-gigahertz WirelessHD products.

SiBeam creates way to combine different next-generation wireless networks

SiBeam is announcing a new chip today that will combine next-generation wireless networking devices. That means consumers will be able to surf the wireless web at high speeds in their homes without worrying too much about the fact that there are three different wireless network standards.