Ciara’s top posts of 2010

Tech journalism, and tech companies, for me have always been about ideas and their ability to change the world. What matters is not only the strength of the light you can shed on a subject but what you choose to illuminate. For me, technology should either be delightful or do something important or both. Here are the articles I loved writing in 2010:

Aaron Sorkin: The Social Network’s sexism comes from real life

Many fans of The Social Network, the new movie about the founding of Facebook, have one big problem with the film — its shabby treatment of women. See, for example, screenwriter Aaron Sorkin’s appearance on The Colbert Report, where news-comedian host Colbert asks why most of the movie’s female characters are “high, or drunk, or fucking guys in the bathroom. Why are there are no other women of any substance in the movie?”

Women in tech debate takes center stage

The Women in Tech panel at the TechCrunch Disrupt conference in San Francisco just wrapped up. There was plenty of argument among the women on the panel — not least from TechCrunch’s Sarah Lacy (pictured), who moderated the discussion but also said she disagreed with holding the panel in the first place.

Women in tech: What to do now

Debates about women in technology are like merry-go-rounds: There’s a lot of movement and excitement but you always end up back in the same place.