Robots won’t take your job, but automation might

“Many of us will live to see the day where we have physical, non-human colleagues,” says Matt Beane, a researcher at MIT’s Sloan School of Management, and he doesn’t mean the office dog. Beane’s research addresses what he calls “The Avatar Economy”, where remote workers operate robots.


Survey: Businesses are ravenous for the new iPad

Looks like more than just consumers are excited about the new Apple iPad unveiled last week. A new survey from ChangeWave Research indicates that more than a fifth of businesses will soon buy a tablet, with the iPad as the most preferred device.


Shiny, happy company: Why happiness is the new metric for startup success

The seal of the high school I attended contained two Latin mottos: Non Sibi and Finis Origine Pendet. Despite seeing those words everywhere, I paid little attention to them. I later learned they mean “Not for one’s self” and “The end is determined by the beginning”, respectively.