RIM PlayBook is a surprise hit, outsells Motorola’s Xoom

The BlackBerry PlayBook by RIM has been performing extremely well by selling approximately 250,000 units during its first moth of sales, according to RBC Capital Markets Managing Director Mike Abramsky.

Over 250,000 Motorola Xooms shipped: But how many actually sold?

According to the latest financial results release from Motorola Mobility, the company shipped over 250,000 Xoom tablets during the first quarter 2011, which is far less than its initial prediction at the beginning of the year.

Analyst: Motorola Xoom and Atrix are duds

Motorola’s tablet computer, the Xoom, and the Atrix smartphone it designed to replace a notebook computer are duds that can’t compete for market share, according to Pacific Crest analyst James Faucette.

Will 2011 be the year of the iPad 2? (video)

Apple advertises its products as magical. They’re at the intersection of “technology and the liberal arts,” Steve Jobs said today. Something that moves your heart, not just your lust for technology. Will consumers still buy that in 2011?

Motorola’s Xoom tablet to ship without Adobe Flash

Motorola’s latest entry into the tablet wars won’t have Adobe Flash for the first few weeks after it is released, according to Verizon’s landing page for the device.

Motorola: WiFi-only Xoom tablet to cost $600

It seems that all is not lost for Motorola’s slick new Xoom Android tablet, which we previously said would suffer because of its $800 retail price. Motorola Mobility CEO Sanjay Jha revealed today that the company will offer a WiFi-only Xoom for around $600, Reuters reports.

Android steals tablet market share from Apple’s iPad

Update: Now it appears that Samsung’s Galaxy Tab sales are lower than the company previously let on, which means that Android tablets likely didn’t take as much market share away from the iPad as we reported below.

How many tablets will businesses buy in 2011? Try 10M (report)

Tablet growth is set to explode this year, and businesses will certainly account for much of it. Companies are expected to purchase more than 10 million tablets in 2011, Reuters reports, based on a market forecast from consulting firm Deloitte.

VentureBeat’s top gadgets from CES 2011: Atrix, Xoom, PlayBook and more

With this year’s Consumer Electronics Show behind us, it’s time to take a look back and reflect on what stood out the most. There were plenty of tablets, phones, computers and other gadgets at the show, but only a few were truly memorable. This year we saw a phone that turned into a smartbook, RIM’s miraculous comeback, a PC competitor to the Macbook Air and more.