Crowdtilt lets you pool money among friends

Crowdtilt wants you to take the pool of money your friends gather for a vacation and put it online. The company does crowdfunding for small groups of people who already know each other; friends and family looking to pool their money for a common cause.


Sonalight wants to be a Siri that “saves lives”

Apple’s virtual-assistant Siri isn’t available on Android phones, so copycat apps are popping up all over the Android Marketplace. Sonalight, however, promises to not just be another voice-activated assistant app, but rather a life-saving voice-activated assistant app.

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Coderwall spices up resumes for coders with “geek cred”

Old-fashioned paper resumes are starting to disappear, and Coderwall has a plan to replace them. The startup creates resumes for coders and developers that show off how great they are at the jobs they already have. Using gamification, developers can earn badges for projects they accomplish and skills they’ve obtained, also know as “geek cred.”

Invest alongside your favorite celebrities with Givespark

Celebrity investors are on the rise, with Justin Timberlake, Ashton Kutcher, Selena Gomez, Lady Gaga, and a number of other big names throwing money into hot new startups. But what if they took advantage of their influence to boost crowdfunding in pet projects? That’s what Givespark hopes to do.

Control your music like a ninja with Flutter

You’re jamming out to your favorite track on Spotify, and then all of a sudden a song that makes your want to scream starts playing. Instead of running over to your computer and frantically pressing keys and clicking at your screen to make the madness end, Flutter lets you wave at your webcam to change the track.

PlanGrid takes an antiquated product mobile: Blueprints

There was once a time when blueprints existed as big spools of paper, spread out across an architect’s desk. Despite computer-aided design, architects on the job still lug that paper around. PlanGrid is making the obvious and needed move to bring those paper plans to the iPad.


Y Combinator shows off 39 companies at Demo Day

Y Combinator’s semi-annual Demo Day is taking place today, and 66 companies are pitching their products at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California. Twenty seven of the presenting companies are still in stealth mode.