Be a better boss: 12 tips to help you encourage innovation

Many entrepreneurs dream of starting their own company so they can be their own boss, call the shots, get the corner office nicest table in the co-working space. Turns out, being in charge is a lot harder than just ordering people around and having someone fetch your lattes. To make a startup successful, you have to encourage an atmosphere of constant innovation.

11 productivity tips from successful entrepreneurs

When everything’s a priority, how do you maximize your productivity and continue getting things done? We asked eleven entrepreneurs about their strategies for staying on top of mounting piles of work, focusing on what’s important, and otherwise holding on to their sanity while building a company.

Entrepreneurism: The age gap

There’s no minimum age to launch a start-up, but young entrepreneurs sometimes face challenges that experienced ones do not. Stanford University gathered a panel of successful start-up owners in their 20s to address the age gap and gather their advice for younger people who are thinking about striking out on their own.