32 companies charging the Super Grid now

The super grid, the theme of VentureBeat’s next GreenBeat conference, involves a bewildering array of technologies and companies from industry behemoths like GE and Cisco to disruptive young startups. Together, they’re taking existing efforts to build a smart power grid to the next level. With billions of dollars of untapped potential in the profitable collision of information technology, energy, and cleantech, it’s no wonder so many pioneers are staking out territory.

GainSpan wants your fridge to use Wi-Fi

GainSpan, maker of wireless chips and sensors for the new connected home, debuted a fresh line of hardware and software today: ultra low-power All-in-One GS1011M Wi-Fi modules that can easily be embedded into household appliances. The launch could very well propel the company to the top of the emerging smart grid and home automation industries.