So long Zune, thanks for all the tunes

After trying (and failing) time and again to take on Apple’s iPod, Microsoft is finally killing off its Zune media player, a source tells Bloomberg’s Dina Bass.

Microsoft launches Windows Phone 7, hitting the US on Nov. 8

Microsoft finally launched its new mobile platform, Windows Phone 7, at a press conference in New York today. CEO Steve Ballmer hit the stage to give us a glimpse at the OS and the platform’s launch phones.

Xbox Live gets its makeover in advance of Kinect launch

Microsoft has reinvigorated Xbox Live, the online game service launched in 2002, just about every fall. Today, it previewed to some users its latest update to the Xbox Live Dashboard in advance of new features such as the launch of its Kinect motion control system.

Microsoft's Xbox division posts $172M loss even as slim models start selling

Microsoft’s Xbox business has been smooth sailing of late, and the lowered cost of production has enabled the company to introduce its new slim model recently. That said, in the most recent quarter ended June 30, the Entertainment and Devices Division (EDD), which houses Xbox, PC consumer and Zune, saw its operating lossĀ  increase 22 percent year-over-year to $172 million. Sales, however, jumped 27 percent to $1.6 billion.

Is Microsoft’s one-time star J Allard leaving the company?

J Allard was the design brains behind almost everything cool that came out of Redmond in recent years, from the Xbox to the Zune. Now there’s a report that he may be resigning from the company because one of his favorite new projects, a tablet computer called Courier, got axed.

Microsoft’s Ballmer laughs at iPhone

Apple’s Steve Jobs ridiculed the Microsoft’s Zune, saying by the time you finish fiddling with one of its main features, “the girl’s got up and left.”