The end is near: 11 Zynga games are victims of cost-cutting

Zynga is shutting down 11 games soon as part of a cost-cutting measure, according to TechCrunch. The free-to-play games are either unpopular or are older titles that stopped monetizing well. Still, some of those, like PetVille (pictured above), had millions of fans once upon a time.

When did it become sexy to not make money?

High-profile IPOs continue to lose money, month after month — but they still seem somehow “sexier” than cloud companies that actually make a profit. What’s up with that?


Former Zynga finance guru surfaces as video-chat company president

Wilson Kriegel was a part of Zynga’s high-profile OMGPOP acquisition and equally high-profile executive departure spree, and he has popped back up on the tech executive landscape. This time, he’s joined forces with New York City-based Paltalk, a webcam and mobile video chat app, as the company’s new president and chief operating officer.