We reported recently that a lot of people were getting concerned that the popularity of RSS news feed technology was swamping web sites with more hits than they could (or wanted to) handle. Well, Mark Fletcher over at Bloglines in Woodside is making at a stab at alleviating the problem.

Fletcher is allowing desktop aggregators such as FeedDemon and NetNewsWire to use his Bloglines service to fetch news feeds for their users.

Now, instead of thousands of individual desktop PCs independently scanning news sources, blogs and web sites for updated feeds, Bloglines will make low-bandwidth requests to each site on behalf of the universe of subscribers and cache any updates to its master web database. Bloglines will then redistribute the latest content to all the individuals subscribed to those feeds via the linked desktop applications — FeedDemon, NetNewsWire or Blogbot — or via Bloglines’ free web service.

Dave Winer, one of the originators of RSS, doesn’t like it. (mp3 audio file)

But Berkeley’s Tim Bishop is real impressed.