We’ve been out all day and night, and thus missed all the buzz. But if this is true, it represents a major coup for the Jeeves folks. Bloglines is arguably the number one tool for aggregating RSS feeds, itself one of the most compelling technologies to emerge in the last few years.

The deal is not entirely surprising. While Jeeves seems fated to live in the shadows of the Google-Yahoo-MSN triumvirate, the company has never stopped innovating. In fact, there are those who’ll argue that — in many respects — Ask Jeeves offers a better search experience than its larger competitors. And while Google and Yahoo (and A9.com) have tried to one-up each other with new features, Jeeves has often been right in the mix. When A9.com’s Udi Manber gleefully demo’d the company’s new online bookmark management feature for us back in September, the smile practically fell from his face when we said we’d already seen something nearly identical (at the Jeeves headquarters in Emeryville) the week before.

So, the question now is, what does Jeeves do with Bloglines? Already, some Bloglines users are warning Jeeves to tread lightly. Should be interesting.

UPDATE: Minor edits for clarification.