Yahoo’s released a a Firefox version of its toolbar. To this point, it was only available to Internet Explorer users. Yahoo has taken advantage of Firefox’s RSS capabilities to create a button that allows people to automatically add blogs and anything else with RSS feeds to their MyYahoo pages.

Ironically, Google does not yet make a Firefox version of its toolbar, even though Google is the default home page for Firefox and the default search engine for the browser’s search box. There are these third-party, work-arounds, though.

What’s funny is how we got the news about Yahoo’s new toolbar. Not more than five seconds after we put down our headphones for the morning break in Google’s webcasted analyst meeting today, the phone rang with a call from Yahoo. Their PR folks were watching the Google webcast too, and knew the very minute that reporters would be free to talk. The competitive juices sure are flowing over on First Street in Sunnyvale. Remember, these are the same folks who “coincidentally” made a video search announcement on the same day as the launch of Google Video.