We wrote last week about our new love affair with podcasting. Today, the folks over at Feedburner, which provides a service to manages RSS feeds, came out with some stats that help illuminate the growth of the trend. Through Feb. 7, Feedburner had counted 1,746 podcast feeds, and the number is growing steadily. Feedburner says at least a couple of those shows have more than 3,000 subscribers/listeners. Feedburner counted 24,000 podcast listeners at the start of February — a small number, but nearly double over the month before.

We’ll be curious to see how/if Apple responds to this trend. As it stands now, users need to download separate software to subscribe to and download podcast shows. While not a big deal, wouldn’t it make sense to be able to do this through iTunes itself? Also, as has been noted elsewhere, there’s no convenient way with an iPod to fast-forward and rewind through podcasts, which can run up to an hour in length.