If not, you may want to consider it, because a lot of Silicon Valley venture capital money is being invested into technologies that will wire your home in cool ways. Check out our stories (go here for the main story, but see “related links” on the same page) from yesterday in the Mercury News. It can be cheap to try out services from start-ups awash with cash from VCs, because they’re often trying to win market-share by charging low fees, if anything. Seems like everywhere we turn, there’s more money flowing into the space — now that VCs are convinced consumers are driving growth in the technology sector.

Today, BA Venture Partners, of Foster City, announced that $150 million of its new $400 million venture fund will be devoted to the “digital consumer” space. Last year, the firm invested in Sorrent, a mobile game company. Also, Union Square Ventures has just raised an early stage fund focused on media and other IT services, although it is New York-based. VentureWire (sorry, sub req) reports that it is a $125 million fund.