At some point, the numbers become so big that it’s hard to know what to make of them, but we have a new data point from Bloglines about the size of the RSS world and the growth in publishing that supports it. The Ask Jeeves-owned service is announcing tomorrow that it has 500 million blog and news feed articles stored in its database. From the news release:

“Bloglines’ milestone reflects the meteoric rise in popularity of blogs as a new communication channel, the development of RSS-type technologies for content syndication, and the creation of user-friendly newsreaders to simplify the process of subscribing to blogs and news feeds of interest. Between January and June of this year, the size of the Bloglines index doubled. And each day Bloglines adds 2 million to 2.7 million new blog and news feed articles to the database, drawn from a diverse range of sources in many languages–from blogs about knitting to major online newspaper feeds.”

On the one hand, it’s not surprising. Mainstream publishers and Web site owners are embracing RSS at a furious pace — far more quickly than Web-user demand would seem to merit. But it’s easy to forget that it was a just a year or so ago that we were arguing over feed formats and wondering if RSS was going to break under its own weight.

PS: Speaking of RSS, we need a little help re-formatting one of our RSS feeds. If there’s a feed-savvy reader out there who can help, please shoot Michael an email at Thanks.