Start-up Santa Cruz Networks said today it will release tomorrow a plug-in to allow video calls with Skype — connecting between one and 200 people.

Om beat us to the punch, so we refer to his analysis here, since he’s been following this area pretty closely:

This technology has been around for a while, and its only now that the company has found a way to become a parasite of a parasite…


…This cannot be good for NetMeeting or Web-Ex, which will have tough time competing with a much lower cost offerings. I think this product has a good chance of becoming a major enterprise play. Vonage and others who are dreaming of video IP calls, will either have to hurry up or best Skype�s video plans…

Btw, it can’t be a surprise that folks over in Santa Cruz came up with this. The technology will allow the surfers down there to better stay engaged remotely with their tech jobs over the hill — all the while giving them more freedom to sneak out to catch the bad waves.

Also, as Om notes, the two companies have a common Silicon Valley investor: Draper Fisher Jurvetson. So Skype may have been a natural starting point for Santa Cruz Networks (it’s all about who you know, right?). As they noted to us, “after Skype we will move on to AOL, Yahoo, and MSN as they have the same limitation as Skype.”

The company’s announcement of the product, called vSkype, is here (a download) — not yet up on its web site.

Update: Here’s one review.